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What The City of Mirrors


This  characters have who find each other, marry, age, have children, live and die and go crazy and become president. That it would utilize the scary, blood-hungry kind of vampires who don’t sparkle or write any poetry, and it would be told in the form of letters, newspaper clippings, maps, massive flashbacks and just good, old-fashioned boot-in-the-teeth storytelling.

Vampires scale whose second-best skill must be the construction of spreadsheets just to keep track of who is where, when and why, who they love, who they hate, and what they’ve got in their pockets.  You  have read The Passage and The Twelve,  you can on this one for some time now. It ties up a lot of the loose ends . It is just as beautiful, brutal and obsessively detailed as parts one and two and comes out of the gate with an extra-special dose of confidence that you only get when you’re a writer coming into the home stretch knowing exactly where you’re going and how to get there.

And for those of you that haven’t, The City Of Mirrors works as a standalone novel, sure. 20 pages in, you’re going to start wondering where these people came from. How Amy became Amy and what the Texas Expeditionary Force did in those years that have become like legends now to humanity’s next last generation. Like me, you’re going to feel a great and thrilling sense of dark joy knowing that summer is coming and there are a thousand pages of backstory just waiting for you out there that make this final end to Cronin’s awesome experiment in epic horror all the more sweet.

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